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LCarnitine 3000 Extreme Shot
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Food supplement in capsules

OLIMP THERM LINE® is a dietary supplement which strongly stimulates the process of fat burning in the body. It contains the strongest food substances having a thermogenic effect (affecting the fat tissue burning thanks to the increased thermogenesis/temperature) known so far and other active ingredients which enhance their effect.

How OLIMP THERM LINE support losing weight?

Bioactive plant extracts and L-carnitine strongly stimulate and facilitate the metabolic activity of the body as far as fat metabolism is concerned. Thanks to their thermogenic properties, they increase heat production by the body and as a result the metabolism speeds up. Metabolism stimulation enhances the process of emptying fat cells, increases burning of fatty acids and prevents the body from storing fat again. Moreover, tyrosine improves your well being and stamina and prevents the hunger pangs and moodiness which accompany dieting.

In what way is OLIMP THERM LINE supplement different from other popular thermogenic products?

OLIMP THERM LINE is a product which contains completely safe and natural plant substances. The supplement is characterized by not only rich composition but also high concentration of active substances. A lot of  products offered on the market which have a thermogenic effect contain only scanty amount of the most important ingredients or their composition is based on dried plants which are not very active. OLIMP THERM LINE guarantees safety and maximal effectiveness.

Who is OLIMP THERM LINE recommended for?

OLIMP THERM LINE® can be used by people with slow metabolism, who are physically not very active. It is also a perfect  product which supports weight-loss for those doing sport and on a low-calorie diet.

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